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-= Globes and Advanced Pyramid Data =-

Important: ALWAYS put pyramids sides facing true north (one side of the pyramid should be aligned to the north so all other sides are aligned with south, east and east. The 4 corners of the pyramid point towards 45, 135, 225 and 315 degrees respectively on a 360 degree scale. 315 degrees is mysteriously hard to find on the compass scale.). So, not the points but the flat sides of the pyramids should be aligned with true north.

In this article:

1) Globes: Print Your own foldable Globe in various shapes.
2) Information on the healing properties of Pi Phi Pyramids a k a golden ratio or sacred geometry pyramids.

Printable globes:
These printable globes are Super-Cool!
The blue marble (satellite pictures of our planet) where used to create these magnificent printable globes. Just glue the ends together and you have a 3-D globe, a scale model of the earth as it really looks from space, not some drawing but a satellite picture, all seeing eye-ish.

I advise to print out the truncated octahedron consisting of squares and hexagons, for stability and to print out the truncated icosahedron consisting of hexagons and pentagons for balance (the truncated icosahedron is closest to a round sphere shaped globe).

To print out these globes for folding visit: w w w dot pro gon o s dot com slash Furuti
Carlos Furuti's homepage (a system analyst into Software development, languages, graphical interfaces and computer graphics) and click on map projections.

Colour printers are available for about 40 Euros nowadays, sometimes cheaper than new cartridges. Please Recycle plastic, glass, paper and use rechargeable batteries when possible for a cleaner, non toxic planet and a bigger rain forest please.
The Golden Ratio in relation to the Pyramids

From the golden ratio article from wikipedia:
A regular square pyramid is determined by its medial right triangle, whose edges are the pyramid's apothem (a), semi-base (b), and height (h); the face inclination angle is also marked. Mathematical proportions b:h:a of 1:square root Phi:phi and 3:4:5 and 1:4/pi:1.61899 are of particular interest in relation to Egyptian pyramids.

Both Egyptian pyramids and those mathematical regular square pyramids that resemble them can be analyzed with respect to the golden ratio and other ratios.

Mathematical pyramids
A pyramid in which the apothem (slant height along the bisector of a face) is equal to Phi times the semi-base (half the base width) is sometimes called a golden pyramid. The isoceles triangle that is the face of such a pyramid can be constructed from the two halves of a diagonally split golden rectangle (of size semi-base by apothem), joining the medium-length edges to make the apothem. The height of this pyramid is the square root of Phitimes the semi-base; the square of the height is equal to the area of a face, f times the square of the semi-base. The slope of the face is also the square root of Phi.
The medial right triangle of this "golden" pyramid (see diagram), with sides 1:square root of Phi:Phiis interesting in its own right, demonstrating via the Pythagorean theorem the relationship square root of Phi=square root of Phi squared minus 1 or Phi=square root 1 plus Phi. . The angle with tangent square root Phi corresponds to the angle that the side of the pyramid makes with respect to the ground, 51.827... degrees (51° 49' 38").[28]
The degree calculator that converts from degrees to decimal degrees gives a result of 51.827222222222225, this means the information on wiki is probably correct.
Now I'm gonna try to create one with this 51.827 degree angle.

A nearly similar pyramid shape, but with rational proportions, is described in the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus (the source of a large part of modern knowledge of ancient Egyptian mathematics), based on the 3:4:5 triangle; the face slope corresponding to the angle with tangent 4/3 is 53.13 degrees (53 degrees and 8 minutes). The slant height or apothem is 5/3 or 1.666... times the semi-base. The Rhind papyrus has another pyramid problem as well, again with rational slope (expressed as run over rise). Egyptian mathematics did not include the notion of irrational numbers, and the rational inverse slope (run/rise, mutliplied by a factor of 7 to convert to their conventional units of palms per cubit) was used in the building of pyramids.

Another mathematical pyramid with proportions almost identical to the "golden" one is the one with perimeter equal to 2p times the height, or h:b = 4:p. This triangle has a face angle of 51.854° (51°51'), very close to the 51.827° of the golden triangle. This pyramid relationship corresponds to the coincidental relationship square root phi is about equal to 4 devided by pi.

Egyptian pyramids very close in proportion to these mathematical pyramids are known.

Egyptian pyramids
The shapes of Egyptian pyramids include one that is remarkably close to a "golden pyramid". This is the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu). Its slope of 51° 52' is extremely close to the "golden" pyramid inclination of 51° 50' (note: according to the calculations above this should be 51 degrees, 49 minutes and 38 seconds, which is 51 50 when rounded off because their are 60 seconds in a minute end note) and the p-based pyramid inclination of 51° 51'; other pyramids at Giza (Chephren, 52° 20', and Mycerinus, 50° 47') are also quite close. Whether the relationship to the golden ratio in these pyramids is by design or by accident remains a topic of controversy. Several other Egyptian pyramids are very close to the rational 3:4:5 shape.
Michael Rice asserts that principal authorities on the history of Egyptian architecture have argued that the Egyptians were well acquainted with the Golden ratio and that it is part of mathematics of the Pyramids, citing Giedon (1957). He also asserts that some recent historians of science have denied that the Egyptians had any such knowledge, contending rather that its appearance in an Egyptian building is the result of chance.
In 1859, the Pyramidologist John Taylor (1781-1864) asserted that in the Great Pyramid of Giza built around 2600 BC, the golden ratio is represented by the ratio of the length of the face (the slope height), inclined at an angle Theta to the ground, to half the length of the side of the square base, equivalent to the secant of the angle theta. The above two lengths were about 186.4 and 115.2 meters respectively. The ratio of these lengths is the golden ratio, accurate to more digits than either of the original measurements.
Howard Vyse, accoding to Matila Ghyka, reported the great pyramid height 148.2 m, and half-base 116.4 m, yielding 1.6189 for the ratio of slant height to half-base, again more accurate than the data variability.
Egyptian mathematics as understood in modern times, according to mathematician and historian Eric Temple Bell, would not have supported the ability to calculate the slant height of the pyramids, or the ratio to the height, except in the case of the 3:4:5 pyramid, since the 3:4:5 triangle was the only right triangle known to the Egyptians, and they did not know the Pythagorean theorem nor any way to reason about irrationals such as p or f.
Summerhil Pyramid Winery & Sunset Bistro
Canada's Most Visited Winery & Largest Certified Organic Vineyard.

The 14 year experiment is an overwhelming success! The conclusion... There is a definite and profound effect on liquids placed in sacred geometry! Three years of conclusive taste test comparisons in the 900 ft² pyramid led to the building of our new Pyramid that is a 4 story high 3249 ft² 8% replica of the Great Pyramid.
Every day at 2 o'clock, for three years, we toured the smaller pyramid with the general public. We did taste comparisons of the same wine, bottled on the same day, and served at the same temperature. One was stored in the pyramid for 30-90 days and the other never having being put in the pyramid. The results were overwhelming. The tasters chose the pyramid-aged wine almost unanimously every day as being smoother and having a better aroma! These experiments boosted our convictions that indeed, a precisely constructed pyramid (that was oriented to true north versus magnetic north, and that was constructed without the use of ferrous metals so that it would not be reoriented to magnetic north) becomes a chamber for the "clarification" of liquids. For instance, a bad tasting wine, or juice, would become more foul tasting. The chamber seems to bring out flaws as well as exaggerating the qualities.
We humans are made mostly of liquid and seem to be affected by the chamber as well. We can actually feel our own "life force energy" strengthen within the Pyramid!
Many experiments have been documented in replica pyramids. For instance, it is well established that rather than rotting, milk turns to yogurt, meat petrifies and razor blades will become sharper in the pyramid (this has been patented). A timed photography experiment, conducted outdoors in an open frame pyramid, revealed that a plant growing inside the pyramid, grew in a clockwise motion, while a twin sister plant nearby, but not in a pyramid, grew "helter skelter".
The Site of the Summerhill Pyramid.
The site was carefully chosen. First a check of interfering energies was exhausted (i.e. underground streams, electric current exposure, gas line interference, etc.). Then the earth under the pyramid was compacted to 100%. Then a surveyor lined up the square base to coincide with exact True North as it is here in Kelowna. The area was then checked by an astronomer who lines up the foundation to the North Star precisely. It is interesting to note that much excitement took place when we aligned the site because the astronomer's news that almost to the day, 1997 was "the year of the Great Pyramid".
The Summerhill Pyramid incorporates a unique "fused frame" concept tying the four hips together with the four bases and the capstone into one solid piece. The density of the concrete is the highest and heaviest ever used in North America being 42 mpa, stronger than tunnels or bridges. Fiberglass rebar used in underwater construction was used in place of steel. By not using ferrous metals, the structure will not reorient back to magnetic north.

Some Interesting facts about the Great Egyptian Pyramid.
1. The length of the base side (9,131 inches) divided by 25 inches (a cubit) equals 365.24, which is the exact number of days in a solar year.
2. The total inch value of the base perimeter equals the number of days in a century.
3. One great pyramid face represents one curved quarter of the Northern Hemisphere.
4. The apex of the Great Pyramid corresponds to the North Pole, while the perimeter of its base correlates to the circumference of the equator.
5. The Great Pyramid is a perfect almanac registering the seasons of the year by functioning as a huge sundial whose shadows indicate, among other things, the solstices and duration of the year.
6. The average height of land above sea level (Miami being low and the Himalayas being high), as can be measured only by modern-day satellites and computers, happens to be 5,449 inches. That is the exact height of the Pyramid.
7. Each of the Pyramids four walls, when measured as a straight line, are 9,131 inches, for a total of 36,524 inches. At first glance, this number may not seem significant, but move the decimal point over and you get 365.24. Modem science has shown us that the exact length of the solar year is 365.24 days.
The Pyramid phenomenon's are established; however, the reasons for it can not be explained scientifically. We offer some, of many theories for your consideration as to why pyramids actually have an effect on liquids.
1. The preciseness of the structure. A Cheops, or Great Pyramid, replica is the only pyramid shape that is both Pi and Phi. The overall height is twice that of the length of the base; and this is in direct correlation to the same relationship as that of the radius or diameter of a circle to its circumference. In both cases, the value of Pi is obtained, equaling 3.14159. The angle of each side is 51°51'14.3", or the Pi angle. Along with the value of Pi, another interesting value is apparently incorporated into the pyramid. This is Phi, better known as the Golden Section, which equals 1.6181818...
2. The shape. The shape provides an opportunity to build an unusually strong "self-sufficient" building that should last for eons. There is little, or no resistance, to itself or the elements. A chamber is created that is conductive to the production and/or accumulation of negative ions. Negative ions have been shown to increase both brain activity and aura. Many individuals have experienced good thoughts while in the shower or after a rainfall when the air is bristling with negative ions. Dr. Valerie Hunt, of UCLA, had demonstrated the dramatic increase in aura when a person is exposed to negative ions. Her 4 1/2 minute documentary video plays, upon request, in our winery. The video is so interesting because she has actually shown several individuals' auras using computer-enhancing technology.
3. Tachyons (Tach-ions) and Tardyons (Tard-ions). The pyramid effectiveness may also be explained using Einstein's concept of Tachyons and Tardyons. Tachyons are particles of invisible energy that move faster than the speed of light (that means it is faster than 186,282 miles per second). Tardyons behave in the opposite way, moving below or at the speed of light. This brings about the theory of negative space-time. [Negative space-time is 180 degrees from positive space-time. In positive space-time living organisms change from life to deterioration. In negative space-time, life moves from deterioration to rejuvenation. It is said that the pyramid serves as the interface between positive and negative space-time. It serves as a bridge between matter and anti-matter and becomes the gate or the instrument through which two realities meet and interact. In a precise chamber with perfect geometry such as a pyramid, a dome, or a true Roman arch, (many of the finest "champagne" houses of Europe age their bottles today in ancient Roman arch cellars actually built by the Romans!), the two energies come together at the same rate of speed! If the pyramid can serve as the meeting place for positive and negative space-time, then it would not only be the oldest, largest. and most mysterious instrument invented by the mind of man, it would also be the most useful. If the ancient builders could put together an instrument in which matter and antimatter could interact, they did indeed have all the energy they could ever need. Some scholars have speculated that the builders could not have possibly constructed the large pyramids by moving the huge boulders into place by primitive methods, but that they had some means of levitating stone. (Levitation is said to happen in negative space-time). Other studies on pyramids have claimed that the Great Pyramid was used to elevate human consciousness to other levels of existence.
4. The concept of "no time". Time being a "given" based on the earth's rotation around the sun in an oval or elliptical route, versus being in the pyramid with it apex circling the sun as a toy top would as it tilts while it spins. Therefore, our conception of time while in the Pyramid may be "distorted". How long have we been in here? Is it time that ages wine?
5. Origin of life force. Ancient civilizations KNEW the origin of life and "life forces" and were able to build monuments such as geometrically precise pyramids and temples that represent these concepts; the Pyramid being perhaps the ultimate channel or higher attunement with the "ALL". Along with the theory that an ancient civilization built the Great Pyramid, Summerhill likes to relate the word Pyramid to Py-Ra-Mid -fire in the middle. The Pyramid is a monument that is a forever reminder that we are divine -The Fire being a G-d force or a life force energy that is within each of us.

http://homepages. I hug dot c o dot n z/~sai/torscons.htm
The first study cited in Dr. Krasnoholovets’ summary paper is by Prof. S.M. Klimenko and D.N. Nosik, MD from the Ivanovskii R&D Institute of Virology within the Russian Academy of Medical Science. This study involved the drug venoglobulin, which is a naturally-occurring antiviral compound in human beings. When the drug was diluted into a concentration of 50 micrograms per milliliter and stored in the pyramid for a time, it then became approximately three times more effective at fighting viruses than it normally would.

The team of Prof. A.G. Antonov from the Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology tested the effects of a solution of 40% glucose in distilled water after it had been stored in the pyramid. By administering only 1 milliliter of the glucose to 20 different prematurely born infant patients with compromised immune systems, their levels of health were seen to rapidly increase up to practically normal values. The researchers furthermore discovered that the glucose was not necessary, as the same effect could be produced by simply using 1 milliliter of ordinary water that had been stored in the pyramid.

Another study was performed by Dr. N.B. Egorova at the Mechnikov R&D Institute within the Russian Academy of Medical Science. In this study, the torsion-wave harnessing capability of the pyramid was tested directly on living organisms placed inside. An experimental and a control group of white underbred mice weighing 12 to 14 grams were both tainted with strain 415 of the virus S.typhimurium in equal amounts over the course of one day. In smaller doses of contamination, the mice stored in the pyramid survived at a rate of 60% whereas only 7% survived in the control group. In larger doses of contamination, 30% of the mice in the pyramid survived as opposed to only 3% in the control group. In other experiments, mice were exposed to various carcinogens, and an experimental group drank water from the pyramid whereas the control group drank ordinary water. The mice drinking the pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than the mice drinking the ordinary water.

Prof. V.I. Kostikov and Dr. A.C. Katasonov from the R&D Institute “Graphite” within the Russian Academy of Sciences performed various studies on the changes in electrical resistance that can be induced by a pyramid structure. In one example, a pyrocarbon material was tested that normally had a resistance of 5 to 7 micro-ohms. After a one-day stay in the pyramid, the material became 200% more resistant to electric current, which is an abnormal effect for pyrocarbon. Irradiating the same material with ~10^19 neutrons per square meter would only change the resistance of the pyrocarbon by about 5% in comparison. Similarly, silicon semiconductors would have an exponential lowering of their electrical resistance, moving from 10^5 to 10^4 ohms per centimeter, and high-temperature superconducting materials would lose their superconductive properties after a one-day stay in the pyramid.

A group of researchers from the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute in Moscow conducted an experiment to demonstrate how pyramid-charged rocks could dissipate strong electric charges, rendering them less harmful. The setup involved a flat metallic plate that was zapped by positively-charged electric blasts at up to 1400 kilovolts in intervals between 250 and 2500 microseconds. The electric blasts were generated by a rod that was suspended 5 meters above the metallic plate. Each of these blasts will typically “discharge” and burn up a portion of the metallic plate, which is known as a “defeat,” and these defeats are logged and plotted.
Two identical systems of this type, and experimental and a control, were created. In the experimental system, seven 100-gram chunks of granite that had been stored inside the pyramid were then placed on the flat plate in a one-meter wide ring. The researchers discovered that there were five times more burn marks on the control plate as opposed to the experimental plate. Obviously, normal granite rocks would not produce such an effect – only those that have stayed in the pyramid. It seems that the rocks exposed to the torsion fields in the pyramid were much more capable of distributing the electrical charges. This appears to be due to the fact that the electron clouds of the atoms in the rocks became more uniformly spin-polarized in the pyramid, thus helping to absorb and spread out electrical charges more evenly.

Five major categories of experiments, as follows, were performed by a team of researchers from the Scientific Manufacturing Union Gidrometpribor in Russia, directed by A.A. Golod. WATER DOES NOT FREEZE IN THE PYRAMID UNLESS DISTURBED
In the first experiment, plastic bottles of distilled water were kept in the pyramid over the course of three winter months. During this time, the air temperature in the pyramid sank as low as -38° C, or -6° F. Thermometers inside the bottles revealed that the temperature of the water was the same as the below-freezing air temperatures surrounding them, yet the water remained in a liquid form and would not turn into ice! However, if the water in any of the bottles was shaken or bumped in any way, it would immediately start crystallizing and quickly turn into a block of ice. Golod and his associates have videotaped these results.
This first experiment obviously suggests that the presence of the torsion-wave energy was able to keep the water molecules from crystallizing into ice, yet a simple disruption in the harmonic stillness of the water would cause this equilibrium to disappear and ice would quickly form. One slight bump on the edge of the bottle would disrupt the even flow of the torsion radiation and allow the molecules to begin crystallizing.

This same experiment also showed that water would retain its purity indefinitely while within the pyramid. VISIBLE RINGS FORM IN ROCKS SCATTERED INSIDE THE PYRAMID
In the second of Golod’s experiments, chunks of granite and crystal were scattered along the floor of the pyramid for longer periods of time. A visible ring would appear evenly throughout the chunks, showing a clear change in the appearance of the stones when under the torsion-wave influence. Between the end of 1997 and the beginning of 1999, this result was able to be duplicated 40 different times in the same pyramid, with different rocks each time. Each ring would cover between 50 and 300 rocks, with a total weight from 20 to 200 kilograms. Golod et al. have gathered evidence to suggest that when the rings form most visibly, the amount of epidemics in the surrounding area will decrease. A COLUMN OF “UNKNOWN ENERGY” APPEARS ABOVE THE PYRAMID
In the third of Golod’s experiments, the Joint-stock company “R&D Institute TTR” conducted studies of the air above the pyramid with a Russian instrument similar to radar known as a “military locator.” A column of “unknown energy” was detected at a width of 500 meters and a height of 2000 meters. Further studies confirmed that a larger circle of this energy surrounded the area above the pyramid in a 300-kilometer-wide range, with the highest concentration being directly above the vertical fulcrum of the pyramid. Golod’s team calculated that if such an energy column were to be produced electromagnetically, it would require all the energy of the various power plants in Russia combined. Furthermore, less rigorous was the observation that after the pyramid’s presence was established, an ozone hole that had existed over that area of Russia was seen to repair itself in only two months’ time.
This column of unseen energy did have other immediate uses and effects as well. Electrical energy from the pyramid could be harnessed by a capacitor that was placed at the apex of the pyramid; the capacitor would spontaneously take on a charge. Furthermore, pieces of the capacitor assembly were seen to break away and rise into the air on the energetic column that the pyramid was producing. It was also discovered that people working near the top of the pyramid might start to experience dizziness and nausea, and need to be taken some distance away from the pyramid for these effects to subside. OIL WELLS BECOME MORE PRODUCTIVE WITH PYRAMIDS ABOVE THEM
In Golod’s fourth experiment, a series of pyramids were built over one of a number of oil wells. It was discovered that the viscosity of the oil under the pyramids decreased by 30%, while the production rate accordingly increased by 30% compared to the surrounding wells. There was a decrease in the amount of unwanted materials in the oil, such as gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin. These results were confirmed by the Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas. AGRICULTURAL SEEDS INCREASE THEIR YIELD
In Golod’s fifth experiment, agricultural seeds were kept in a pyramid for 1 to 5 days before being planted. More than 20 different seed varieties were planted across tens of thousands of hectares. In all cases, the seeds from the pyramid had a 20 to 100-percent increase in their yield; the plants did not get sick and they were not affected by droughts. ADDITIONAL PYRAMID EFFECTS RELATED TO BIOLOGY AND HEALTH
Under less strenuous laboratory conditions, Golov’s team determined the following:

a. Poisons and other toxins become less destructive to living systems after even a short term of exposure in the pyramid.

b. Radioactive materials held inside a pyramid would decay more rapidly than expected.

c. Pathogenic viruses and bacteria become significantly less damaging to life after being held in the pyramid.

d. Psychotropic drugs have less of an effect on people either staying inside a pyramid or within close range of a pyramid.

e. Standard solutions such as glucose and iso-osmotic solution become effective for treating alcoholism and drug addiction after being placed in the pyramid. They can be administered either intravenously or outwardly.

Dr. Yuri Bogdanov conducted pyramid studies on behalf of the Joint-stock Company, “Scientific and Technological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication” (TTR), in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In one experiment, a 12-meter pyramid was used to increase the productivity of wheat by 400% in the Ramenskoe settlement of Moscow. The following effects were also discovered:

a. The half-life of radioactive carbon was altered;

b. The crystallization patterns of salts would change;

c. Concrete would change in its strength;

d. Crystals would exhibit different optical behaviors.

In the biological arena, rabbits and white rats exposed to the pyramid gained 200% more endurance and their blood gained a higher concentration of leukocytes, or white blood cells. WATER PURIFICATION BY PYRAMID POWER
Dr. Bogdanov also built a complex of pyramids in a town near the Arkhangelsk region of Russia by order of the domestic administration there. In this case, strontium and heavy metals that had contaminated a well were able to be cleared by the effects of the pyramids, similar to how unwanted materials were filtered out of oil in the above example. In the town of Krasnogorskoe near Moscow, a pyramid was constructed that would reduce the amount of salt in water, again making it more drinkable.
In addition, Dr. Bogdanov performed many laboratory studies on medicinal preparations, fungi and so forth. In the city of Kiev, Dr. Bogdanov studied how matter interacts with different torsion-field patterns created by various pyramid shapes, and these investigations also studied how the consciousness of the person would affect these energy fields. These studies were performed by a torsion-wave detecting device that he named the “Tesey,” which allows its user to detect peculiar properties in a particular geological feature, energetic “breathing” activity in the Earth as well as the torsion effects of various buildings including pyramids. These results were discussed on the Conference on Problems of Harmonization of Mankind, held in Kiev, and were subsequently published.

The torsion-wave-focusing properties of the pyramid structure were seen to have a direct effect on how crystallization takes place. Diamonds that were synthesized within the pyramid turned out harder and purer than they would otherwise. Again, this suggests that the torsion-wave component is of central importance in the forming of chemical bonds to create a crystal.

Teams from the Russian National Academy of Sciences also studied the earthquake data from the areas surrounding the pyramids and compared it to earlier data before the pyramids were built. They discovered that the pyramids have the ability to dissipate the energetic buildup that would normally create sudden, violent earthquakes. Instead of seeing one large and powerful quake, several hundred tiny earthquakes are registered instead. Furthermore, the atmosphere surrounding the pyramid seems to be shielded from severe weather as well, causing an overall decrease in the amount of violent weather patterns. This gives a clear illustration of the usefulness of pyramids for balancing the aetheric energies streaming into a planet.

Another experiment was conducted where a quantity of salt and pepper was stored inside the pyramid. This salt and pepper was later removed and fed continually to about 5000 people in different jails in Russia. Amazingly, within a few months there was a dramatic improvement in their behavior, and most criminal behavior almost completely disappeared. This is one of the more important points, as it validates the idea that aetheric energy is “spiritual energy” and that as a person is exposed to higher intensities of it, there is a propensity for greater feelings of love and compassion for others.

Dr. Krasnoholovets built a small and simple resonator to study these pyramid effects, which appears to have been a piece of cardboard or glass folded in half to form a small “roof” structure. Within this small resonator, a KIO3*HIO3 crystal experienced a greater clustering of hydrogen atoms in the crystal. Rare gases and the surface of metals were also seen to have a photoelectric effect while in the resonator, meaning that they were producing light. [This seems to explain why the large outdoor pyramids could not involve metal in their construction.] Furthermore, Dr. Krasnoholovets replicated Patrick Flanagan’s historic “pyramid power” experiments by studying the effects on a razor blade within this resonator. The blade was aligned east to west, perpendicular to the Earth’s magnetic field, while a piece of the edge was removed and stored away from the resonator. Under scanning electron microscope, the edge of the razor blade from the resonator was seen to take on a smoother, less angular form over time.

Figure 9.4 – Normal razor surface (a) and razor surface after resonator exposure (b) under 3000x magnification.

Dr. John DeSalvo of the Giza Pyramid Research Association has also brought the pyramid research of Joe Parr to the world’s attention through his various media appearances such as on the Laura Lee Show and Jeff Rense. Joe Parr holds a law degree and also has over 40 years experience as an electronics engineer. Parr’s interest in pyramid research first came about from his meeting George Van Tassel, an early contactee, in the 1950s, who informed him about the “pyramid power” experiments of Pat Flanagan that had demonstrated the sharpening of razor blades in the pyramid structure. Other experiments showed that organic materials would naturally dehydrate without putrefying while inside a pyramidal structure. Even raw, unrefrigerated milk would keep from spoiling if properly positioned.

Parr went on to begin studying pyramid-related phenomena, first by simply using stationary pyramids and taking measurements from them. These pyramids could be made of nothing more than four horizontal rods forming a base and four vertical rods forming the edges. He would then place sources of radio waves, magnetic fields, ion sources and radioactive sources inside the pyramids, and measure their strength outside the pyramids. From this study, he found that a spherical energy field surrounds any pyramid structure. The exact center of this orb corresponds to the Queen’s Chamber position in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside this “orb,” the strength of the electromagnetic or radioactive source that he placed inside will still be measured at its full potential, but areas outside the orb will have a 1 to 3 percent reduction in the amount of measurable energy.

After 13 years of studying this phenomenon, Parr found that a negative ion generator (air ionizer) would strengthen the orb, causing it to shield and hold in even more energy than before. Specific sound frequencies such as 51.5 hertz could also be used to strengthen the orb. Over the course of 20 years of measurements, Parr determined that the strength of this energy orb varies with the common 11-year sunspot cycle, and the width of the orb expands and contracts with the phases of the moon. All of these observations again suggest that the spherical orb is a static torsion field that gathers around the pyramid, and is strengthened by absorbing dynamic torsion fields. These fields can be strengthened by the electrostatic energy in the ions or in the acoustic vibration of air, which also is a vibration of the aether. Solar and lunar activity also has a direct impact on the strength of dynamic torsion energy streaming into the earth.

Further analysis determined that the classic “phi” ratio was very important to these energy fields as well, again showing a clear connection to torsion fields. Parr found that a form of “virtual” clock would begin counting at the time that the pyramid was first set in a certain position. This means that once the pyramid was placed in a fixed spot, the orb surrounding the pyramid would gradually become stronger and stronger in its ability to contain the energy fields inside, and the rate of growth for the energy bubble was directly proportional to “phi”. At certain mathematically-defined points in this “phi” cycle, the bubble will expand and contract in size, outside of the effect caused by the moon. This suggests a slow, long-term harmonic “wobble” in the energy field, reverberating like a gong in synchrony with the phi-proportions of the instreaming torsion waves.

Parr’s experiments were abruptly disturbed on December 4, 1979, when the spherical energy orbs around the pyramids started rapidly disappearing on all but one experiment for an unknown reason. This caused the electromagnetic and radioactive sources inside the pyramids to suddenly flow without interruption into the surrounding space. Years later, Parr was very surprised to find out that the stream of X-rays from the center of our galaxy had abruptly shut off that day, and the anomaly was widely noted by astronomers. Other pyramid-energy shutdown events documented by Parr also corresponded precisely with drop-offs in our galaxy’s X-ray emissions, though he was unaware of this connection at the time the measurements were made.
This is another valuable piece of data, as it shows us that the center of the galaxy is actually our primary source of instreaming torsion wave energy. In this case, the torsion waves appear to be propagating in tandem with the X-ray wavelengths of the electromagnetic energy spectrum. Even though the activity of the Sun can increase or decrease the strength of torsion waves coming into the Earth, without the input from the Galactic Center we will have much less energy available to us. This will prove to be a very important point that we will use to explain the importance of the Mayan Calendar end-date on Dec. 21, 2012.
About nine days after Dec. 4, 1979, the spherical energy fields started to return, yet all but one pyramid had lost the original energy strength of the orb, which had slowly accumulated over time according to the “virtual clock” of the phi radio. The only pyramid that did not lose its energy field throughout this entire time period was a pyramid that was rotating by a mere 5 degrees every 10 days. As Parr allowed this particular experiment to continue running, he found that the strength of its energetic orb continued increasing, eventually surpassing all of his other stationary pyramids. As we now know, the slight rotation caused the pyramid to absorb a small but measurable amount of torsion waves that would otherwise be traveling straight down and / or straight up with the gravitational field.

So, only the rotating pyramid survived the galaxy-induced “blackout” of December 4, 1979, and somehow the rotation caused it to eventually harness more energy than all the others. This was Parr’s first realization that rotating the pyramids could dramatically enhance the strength of energy that they were absorbing and radiating, as Russian scientists such as Kozyrev had already discovered. For several years he tinkered with various designs to rotate pyramids, and he also found out that he could strengthen their energy fields even further by passing them through alternating magnetic fields as they rotated. This allowed him to reach levels much higher than the 1 to 3 percent shielding for a stationary pyramid. As he reached these higher levels, he also noticed that there would be a reduction in the weight of objects inside the pyramid as well; gravity was also being shielded.

Over this time, he calculated that when he could get the pyramids to reach a certain speed while also bathing the surrounding air with atomic particles such as ions, there would be a “pinch-off” where the shielding would reach 100 percent. At this point the pyramid’s energy field would completely shield off all electromagnetic, radioactive and gravitational energy. Rotation alone could create a 50% shielding effect when the proper speed was attained, and the atomic particles were required to reach the 100% pinch-off point. Sunlight could also be used as the source of atomic particles to achieve complete shielding in the energy orb.
Obviously, this fits in with our previously stated ideas about objects displacing into higher levels of aetheric density, drawing from the concepts of Dr. Vladimir Ginzburg, Dr. A.M. Mishin and Dr. Harold Aspden. Indeed, it appears that an object will gradually displace into a higher aetheric density as it vibrates closer to the speed of light. Eventually, a complete shift can be made into the higher density at that point, and when the pressure is later released, the object will naturally shift back down into our own density. This also correlates with the patent of David Hudson, where microcluster iridium was seen to disappear when it was heated up to 850° Celsius, but would reappear when the temperature was reduced.
Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that once the 100% shielding level was attained in Parr’s experiments, the pyramid would temporarily disappear from our known “three-space” reality. At these times, the pyramids would disconnect from their epoxy mountings on the rotating arm, which was calculated to require 2000 pounds of force, or a sudden increase in kinetic (movement) energy that was 113,000 times greater than before. In 55 different experiments of this type, the pyramid would pass through solid objects such as the wall of the machine, which formed an enclosed shell that surrounded the path of the pyramid’s rotation. When the pyramid would re-emerge into our own space after passing through the solid casing of the machine, it would be traveling at a tremendous speed like a bullet and often end up embedding itself into the wall of his laboratory or exploding.

Now that we have established that this very anomalous effect would occur, it is good for us to have a better understanding of how this machine was actually constructed. In Parr’s setup, a 5-inch thick, 3-foot diameter circular chamber houses a blade that rotates in a propeller-like fashion. The wood blade is 3 inches wide by 1/8-inch thick and swings in a 25-inch diameter circle. At both ends of the arm, two small one-inch base pyramids weighing eight grams each and made of ABS plastic are attached. The points of the pyramid are horizontally aligned with the base, pointing away from the center of the arm. The centrifuge is driven by a 12-volt DC ¼ horsepower motor in the 700-2400 rpm range. As the pyramids rotate, they pass through 36 pairs of magnets arranged in a giant circle, each pair attached just over one inch above and below the path of the pyramids on the ends of the rotating arm. The magnetic pairs alternate between north and south polarity, causing a continuing fluctuation in the fields that the pyramids were exposed to.
As we said, Parr determined that under sufficiently energetic conditions, the interior of the 1-inch wide plastic pyramids would start to shield all known energy fields, whether gravitational, electromagnetic or radioactive. The area inside the bubble surrounding the pyramids would lose weight. Radioactive materials, radio frequency sources and magnetic sources placed inside the small pyramids would be shielded from the outside. When pinch-off is achieved, the pyramids would either self-destruct or travel through solid objects, as indicated. This would also have the effect of causing extensive damage to the rotating arm and the entire inside of the machine.

Parr found that this sudden increase of energy leading to pinch-off would occur most reliably every year on Dec. 13-16, and his measurements were taken over a 13-year period. Eventually, Parr discovered that at this time, the Earth’s orbital path was intersecting an imaginary line that could be drawn between the Sun and the belt stars of Orion. This led Parr to conclude that an active energy conduit of some sort exists between the Sun and the stars of Orion’s belt. This also falls in line with our expectations related to torsion fields, as there will be streams of aetheric energy connecting all the stars together and flowing between them. The closer we are to a star, the stronger the stream will be, and in the case of Orion’s belt we have three central stars in close proximity with four other close stars surrounding them in a giant “X” shape. Thus, the shape of the stars in the Orion constellation forms a passive torsion generator in its own right.

One of the most interesting findings of Joe Parr comes from his observations of which direction the pyramids would travel in once they achieved pinch-off. Under the following experimental conditions, we should assume that the moon is new, meaning that it is not giving off light. Parr found that if the rotating chamber for the pyramid was bathed with negative ions, it would accelerate away from the moon. However, if the chamber was filled with positive ions, the pyramid would accelerate towards the moon. This fits in line with our quantum physics models, where in this case we would see the Earth as if it were a giant atom. A pyramid that is displaced into a higher aetheric density with negative ions will move towards the center of the earth, just as the negatively-charged electron clouds will press towards the center of the atom. Similarly, a pyramid charged with positive ions will accelerate away from the center of the earth, repelling against the negative charge.

In a 2000 appearance on the Laura Lee Show, researcher Stan Tenen noted that the Great Pyramid of Giza is built in harmony with the molecular structure of its materials. The vast majority of blocks that make up the pyramid are limestone, which is primarily a calcium carbonate [CaCO3] crystal. The Great Pyramid was built with a 51 degree, 51 minute slope angle, and Tenen pointed out that the calcium carbonate molecule has an approximately 52-degree angle in its shape. This is known as a “cleavage angle” and means that when pure calcium carbonate crystals are split, they will tend to split along this 52-degree angle. Therefore, Tenen claims, the slope angle of the pyramid brings its entire shape into harmony with the molecules of the matter that makes it up. Tenen knows of no other structure on Earth that fits this pattern. Clearly, such a harmonic connection between “micro” and “macro” would only further enhance the pyramid’s effects.


Golod, Krasnoholovetz, et al. (Russian Pyramid Studies) URL: http://www.giza

Grebennikov, Victor. Chapter V: Flight. (Notes on Cavity Structrual Effect, etc.) Translated by Dr. Juri Cherednichenko. URL: http://www.a m a s c

Grebennikov, Victor. The Mysteries of the World of Insects. Novosibirsk, 1990.

Grebennikov, Victor. Sibirskii Vestnik Selskokhoziastvennoi Nauki, no. 3, 1984.

Grebennikov, Victor. Pchlovodstvo, no. 12, 1984.

Nasonov, Yu. V. Torsion: Experimental investigation of new long-range actions. URL:
Parr, Joseph. The Mystery and Secret of the Great Pyramid. URL:


Polyhedra models people can cut out themselves: create 3 d models out of paper.

So I have built a great rhombihexacron?
Looks like the shape in the Superman 1 movie.

Escher's Solid I am going to create next if not to difficult.

Please report anything strange to the police as the police have not adapted their mutations yet (the file they have on Uri was not corrected yet but it will show Uri was never arrested thank God). Because the police officers might still have a mutation in their file saying that I kicked in my own door, but the people know I did not kick in my own door because the person that did it confessed.

Every person that attacked me was controlled by the devil worshippers or nazi’s that wanted to kill me, the people with the System Aperture Radar Lupe satellites I video’d above the A M C hospital in Amsterdam, after that the attacks started. The video can be seen on prologic’s homepage at xs4all, also listed on 9 9 9 prologic 9 9 9 dot blog 2 blog dot n l, the World Peace Radio Blog: W P R B.

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